In the Name of the Father, and of the Son (+) and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church

"where grace abounds...."


welcoming, learning, liturgical, evangelical, catholic, reverent, eucharistic......


A Historic Church in the heart of north-central Phoenix;

living out the Great Tradition with God's people of today


Thanksgiving Day Service Thursday morning November 27th at 10:18AM.


The Season of Advent



Happy New Year!  The Season of Advent (revealing, coming) marks the beginning of the Church Year.  During the first 2 weeks of Advent, we focus on the "Second Advent" of Christ when He comes again at the end of the world. The second 2 weeks we refocus on the "First Advent" of Christ as the "Babe of Bethlehem" who came to us at Christmas.


We mark Advent both on Sundays and on Wednesday evenings December 3, 10, 17,2014 at 7:00PM.  Please join us as we prepare our hearts for Jesus.


Breaking and Exciting News:"In the fullness of time, God...." that is a wonderful expression of the Greek word kairos.  Kairos implies that this is the right time to go forward, and so we are: On Monday, 15 Sept 2014 the Valley Lutheran High School met; and on Tuesday, 16 Sep 2014 the Mt. Calvary Church Council met and both approved the initiative proposed by Padre Dave Poedel that the two organizations should move forward, in a very serious and deliberate way, the merger of VLHS and MCLC. 


This is a unique paradigm where an Association Lutheran High School will have a church as part of her mission.  As the "Mother Church" of the LCMS in Phoenix, this will enable MCLC to enter into full partnership with VLHS both operationally and missionally, thereby cementing our long-term mission as a congregation.  Our goal is to have this merger in place by 1 July 2015! In the meantime, please PRAY for us as we embark on a new mission together with our co-located Valley Lutheran High School.


          Mt. Calvary at a Glance: 


Sunday Services


1st Service @ 10:18 AM Holy Eucharist* in English

10:45 Worship in the Kunama language


*Holy Eucharist  = God coming to us with His Holy Word and Sacraments, aka: The Mass, Communion Service, Liturgy of Word and Sacrament (check out a recent sermon)

Sunday School for Adults and Children @ 0900. Children meet in the Lounge, Adults meet in the church. Children's Sunday School will resume September 7, 2014

Mid Week Bible Study Wednesdays @ 0930 on the Scripture lessons the following Sunday.

This group meets in the Church Lounge, and is led by Pastor Del King

Office Phone: 602.263.0402     FAX: 602.263.0403

5105 N. 7th Avenue, Phoenix 85013


Pastor: The Rev. Dr. David G. Poedel, STS (e-mail)

Assistant to the Pastor: The Rev. Del King

President of the Church Council: Ed Cooley

Lay Leader of the Eritrean Kunama Community: Luther Ashkaba

What you can expect to experience at Mt. Calvary:

Our congregation has worshipers of all ages, with many elderly and usually around a dozen small children (though this varies a lot on any given Sunday). 


We love having children in the Church, and when your little one is having an inevitable "meltdown" there are places near the restooms where kids can get it together and then return.  We actually find that kids do better at the front of the Church where they can see what's going on.


Folks at Mt Calvary dress a variety of ways:  some are traditional "dress up", most dress casual.  Our teens dress modestly, avoiding explicit sexual or drug/alcohol T-shirts.  Jeans are fine for all ages.


Liturgical worship does involve standing and sitting.  Directions regarding standing or sitting are in the worship folder, or you can just do what everyone else is doing, as you are able.


Liturgical worship is also participatory with the congregation responding verbally and singing.  Our singing is accompanied by an excellent pipe organ or piano.  If your ears are sensitive, you should probably sit on the opposite side of the church from the organ.


The bulletin/worship folder is "self-contained" with all of the responses and the music (with melody line) and Bible readings are contained in one folder. Hymnals and Bibles are available in each pew if you would like to access them during the service.


If you have a specific question before you visit, please contact Padre Dave by this email link.



The Holy Eucharist is celebrated at every gathering at Mt Calvary!


Padre Dave's Welcome and Meeting Minutes Page


The Mt. Calvary Community a chronology of the major events of our Church Community





      Baby Emily, granddaughter of Jan White, daughter of VIckie

The Kunama Community Meeting at Mt Calvary


Kunama Language Service begins with Prayer at 1140 on Sunday morning.


LINKS of interest:


Listen to a podcast of a recent SERMON from our Sunday Eucharist in English. (You can also find and subscribe to these sermons on iTunes.)


JC Playzone is a fun place for kids to play cool games and learn about the Bible too! Parents, check this out for your kids... and it's FREE!


  For years now, Padre Dave has been a member of a Lutheran Order for Clergy called The Society of the Holy Trinity (STS).  You can learn about how seriously he takes his Pastoral Call by checking out the "Rule" of the Order here


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Valley Lutheran High School! Our teachers and staff are an amazing group of Christian educators.  The student body receives an excellent college prep program, grounded in our Lutheran tradition.  Please contact our school @ 602 230-1601 to learn about enrollment. 


Additionally, we recommend that all folks who pay Arizona income tax take advantage of the direct Tax Credit available for donations to the Valley Lutheran Scholarship groups.  Call the school office to learn more about providing scholarships to deserving students.  It is a joy for our church to be in ministry with this wonderful school.



 Why do we do things the way we do?

Please join us this Sunday!

Padre Dave Poedel, STS

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