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Pictures Valley Lutheran High School


Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church

"where grace abounds...."

welcoming, learning, liturgical, evangelical, catholic, baptismal, reverent, eucharistic......

A Historic Church in the heart of north-central Phoenix;

living out the Great Tradition with God's people of today


The Season of Lent is a 40 day (not counting Sundays) season of devotion when we fix our minds and hearts on the Cross of Christ, even more than we do each day of each year....


Lent has a long tradition of good and healthy devotions as well as less than useful attempts to "get on God's good side"; a complete waste of time since we are already on God's "good side" for the sake of God Himself, Jesus the Christ, God became man, He became like us so He could make us like Him!



Daily devotional booklets are available in the church, free of charge. You can also locate excellent resources online; though I strongly recommend sticking with the Lutheran and Catholic materials as a truer exposition of this holy season.



The Holy Eucharist is celebrated at every gathering at Mt Calvary!

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NOTE: We are having "issues" with our sermon recording software, so please pardon the fact that we haven't been posting new recordings.....Listen to a podcast of a recent SERMON from our Sunday Eucharist in English. (You can also find and subscribe to these sermons on iTunes.)


JC Playzone is a fun place for kids to play cool games and learn about the Bible too! Parents, check this out for your kids... and it's FREE!


  For years now, Padre Dave has been a member of a Lutheran Order for Clergy called The Society of the Holy Trinity (STS).  You can learn about how seriously he takes his Pastoral Call by checking out the "Rule" of the Order here

Valley Lutheran High School! Our teachers and staff are an amazing group of Christian educators.  The student body receives an excellent college prep program, grounded in our Lutheran tradition.  Please contact our school @ 602 230-1601 to learn about enrollment. 


Additionally, we recommend that all folks who pay Arizona income tax take advantage of the direct Tax Credit available for donations to the Valley Lutheran Scholarship groups.  Call the school office to learn more about providing scholarships to deserving students.  It is a joy for our church to be in ministry with this wonderful school.


Please join us this Sunday!

Padre Dave Poedel, STS


Show others where you worship God by displaying our new MCLC window sticker. FREE!!! 

These go on the outside of your rear window, and they apply very easily.  Get one (or more if you have other places to put them) in the Office.

ATTENTION: Volunteers with LCMA Cursillo and with youth activities:

This link leads to the necessary background check in order for

you to work with our youth or volunteer with LCMA at Mt Calvary.

Please follow this link to complete the necessary online


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The San Damiano Cross, as found in our sanctuary

(click on the Cross to learn more about the history of this icon)

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